rushing to the train station

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rushing to the train station

Post by venicea1 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:44 am

for two consecutive days i have had dreams when i am headed for the train station. in the first dream, i was running fast and steadily, to the train station, and along the way, i outrun a man who seemed to want to compete with me. However, i had trouble working out my destination although i tried to look at the train schedule board(all this while still running steadily) and in the dream i was only able to work out that i was supposed to board the train from platform 12. By the time the dream ended, i was very near the station but not yet there.
in my dream this morning, i was on a motorbike as a passenger, and i told the person riding the bike (he is unknown to me) that i was going to the train station. (again i needed to be at the station as soon as possible). Along the way, i saw a car parked with about 2 men there, and the thought that came to mind was that they would stop us, but they did not. We rode till we reached some crisscrossing metal security barriers right in the middle of the road. There was no way i could continue along the road without going through these metal barriers. They were not manned by anyone, so i got off the motorbike and stepped into the metal barriers entrance, but i needed to work out my exit since no-one was manning them. I finally identified the lock and i unlocked it ready to leave the barrier. I noticed that as i was opening the exit lock, a couple of people about 15 metres away were looking at me as if surprised that i had succeeded in going through the barriers. I got the impression that at that point that the train station was just around the corner, i could even walk there without continuing along on the bike. end of dream

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