Just a dream or a message?

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Just a dream or a message?

Post by Macleod on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:19 am

This is a dream from last wk but is still on my mind. Not sure if it was because of events of that evening after our Wed night prayer meeting where our Reverend was telling us about his recent trip to India. His ministry is persecuted Christians but he also touched on the fact that a new orphanage was being built and explained it had nothing to do with his ministry. My heart is for orphans, those without a voice and the hurting and abused. I don't know why, but I felt it strange that he mentioned this. It felt like a subliminal message??? During the talk, Our Rev also mentioned bumping into my husband in the airport while on his trip. My husband, who works offshore in India, was on his way home at that time.

I was first being told (in the spirit?) why our Rev is so important in mine and my husbands life....can't remember what was said, but that he was meant to be there. (IRL he's been a huge part of my Christian walk right from the moment of my awakening).

Next I kept hearing the word PURIFY, over and over again and saw two symbols, a circle "O" (like a ring) with something in the middle (not sure what it was) and then also a symbol in the shape of a "U".

Then I was sitting in church, in a row all on my own. Our minister was preaching, I was totally relaxed, my head was down, eyes closed. People behind me giggled and I thought "Oh no, had I fallen asleep, was I snoring?" Our minister walked down the isle and chose some people to sing in the choir. He then showed us a clip, as though it was from a CCTV camera. A young boy, between 10 and 13, was being pushed and slapped on the back by his parents and then other people joined. It felt as though they were in an airport. It took place in what seemed like a waiting area amongst chairs. Our minister then said this child was with us in our church with some other children. I was now sitting further along the row, at the end, with a person on my right and another on my left, didn't know them and only slightly saw the person on my left. I saw this particular child who was now a toddler and was being slapped on the back by the other children who were also toddlers. Our minister was praying and as he prayed 3 children, boys, came over to me. They were from 3 different races. First a white child, in a nappy, could walk but seemed about 9 months old? I tried to pick him up but he pushed my hands away. Then a little African child, not in a nappy, maybe around 1yrs old? He let me pick him up and he sat on my lap. Then a little boy of about the same age but he had thick hair and was tiny, with thin little arms and legs, cuddled right into me, my arms were wrapped around him. I'm not sure, but I think he could be a little boy from India. Our minister was there, smiling and said, "let me take a photo of you with Chelle" (IRL young children call me Chelle because they can't pronounce my name).
Then, I was cooking thin slices of meat supplied by our minister, in 2 ovens which were right there in the church. I was turning these thin slices over in the oven and felt in a hurry as I realised that everyone was through in the hall already having tea and coffee.
End of dream

Usually, when I dream of my minister, its to discipline me. This time he was smiling but what are the symbols along with the word "purify"? I enjoy a glass of wine when I cook dinner or my meal, should I stop this habit? Why was I cooking meat in church? Why was I sleeping or resting in church? What do the children mean?

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