Tsunami or two

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Tsunami or two

Post by Hope on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:44 pm

Hello my new friends,
I have been wandering around your site about a month now. I feel the Lord gives me a number of dreams and I want to learn how to interpret them correctly. My most recent dream was a few night ago- some of it seems strangely bizarre to me. I have been seeking the Lord for the interpretation and using sites like yours for help but I'm still quite puzzled. So here it is...

My husband and I walk from one big white building to another. As we are walking away, I can sense my good friend Juanita is in the other building but I can't see her. As we walk into the building, I notice people sitting out front and then farther away is a sandy beach. People are walking everywhere. The sun is shining and beautiful. It's warm. We walk through a set of double doors with glass in them deep into the building. I find my daughter there. After a time, she says she's hungry. There is someone there with food- she is sitting down. Gail (my daughter says she wants M and M's. I get some peanut ones from the lady- I thought they were free. The lady meanly says 60 cents. I say sixty cents. Then I hand them over to a young girl standing next to me maybe three or four and ask her to hold them till I come back. She smiles and takes them. I walk back up towards the doors because I realize I left money on the table outside the door. As my husband and I get up to the doors we see (thru windows in the doors) people smiling and enjoying themselves as a tsunami is coming straight at the doors behind the people and one to the right of the door. I worry the water will get me but yet I have an inner peace that as long as I am in the building I am fine. The one on the right hits first and I see the water come almost to the top of the windows but does not come in. Once the water goes back, I look out to where the table was and there is my money, I'm hoping it won't be washed away. My husband says,"honey, i'll get it." As soon as it's clear I go out the doors and grab the money just before it floats away.
That's it...
I'm thinking the buildings represent churches and that we will be changing churches. I am also thinking it means I leave God's protection for what I think is a good cause to provide sustanance to my 17 year old daughter. Although it is dangerous the Lord protects me while I'm doing it. Also the fact that my daughter is in the one building is odd to me because she currently does not attend church but yet is part of our church. I think the people on the beach represent the lost and that I am watching them and not helping them like I should be or it could just be an example of what is happening to the world around me- like in the days of Noah people are doing what ever not even realizing the signs around them.
Anyhow, any words of wisdom would be so greatly appreciated. God bless to all who read!
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Re: Tsunami or two

Post by butrflie50 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:49 pm

I tend to believe that this may be closer to home than "churches". Although are lives are parallel to the "church' because we are the Body.
I felt as though the Lord was touching on priorities.
We sometimes tend to candy coat things when it comes to our loved ones and hope that because they are "ours", its okay to soften when it comes to discipline or teaching the whole unadulterated truth. But if we dont teach them the whole truth, the world will give them its own truth and in the end it will cost a price thats impossible to pay and it may cost their life.
The message I read here, is that when we walk in the Truth, the Light and the Way, storms will blow but our foundation will not be moved, or shaken nor blown away.
The only thing that can be moved are those things that are not grounded in Him. The one thing we must be cautious about it when we become safe and comfortable in our life with the Lord, is that we do not look back on the things of the world or the security that the world has to offer in an attempt to keep us comfortable.

I hope this speaks to you and you do find your interpretation through Him.

God Bless.

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