Flying with high winds

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Flying with high winds

Post by cpolk on Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:17 am

I dreamed that i just left town hauling a load in my big truck and the wind blew so hard that it pushed the truck towards the ditch and then it blew the other way, and back and forth a few times until finally it was so hard that the wind blew me and the truck out into a field. Then somehow i started driving again even though i am sure the truck rolled. But any way i am heading back to the road and as i get to it the truck disapears and now i am flying. But the weird thing is the way i fly. I am holding an aerosol can in my right hand up in the air and there is a propeller on the end of the can where the gas or what ever would normally come out. And it is keeping me in the air but not high as i would like it. If i turn the can up to go up then the propeller flys out so i use my left hand to push it back in before it leaves. Then the can turns into a big c-130 cargo plane with 4 propellers but i am still running off of one propeller. And at this time i have some people on board with me. Strange enough it is the cartoon caracters from the scooby doo cartoon. They are trying to figure out how to turn on the other 3 propellers or engines so we can fly faster and higher. Then we see a miilitary c -130 cargo plane flying high above us heading to a small local airport. The scooby dooby doo cartoon crew calls out to the other plane asking them if they can tell us how to turn on our other engines. And the crew from that plane says land at the airport with us and we will show you how. But i am thinking we dont need to do that just turn em on an lets go. I didnt want to land. But we land anyways and get on the plane with the other crew. I only see one crew member and there was something that he was gaurding but i cant remember what. Then he tells us to put on our seat belts and i ask why. He says the wind is blowing harder than it ever has and it might get rough and i remember how planes can be turned over by high winds if they are not chained down properly. So we put the seat belts on and the wind passes without damage. We are still on the ground at airport. Then i wake up.

Now in real life i own a couple or trucks and drive them. And i used to be a crewchief on a c-130 cargo plane in the airforce. But there is no possible way for me to be recalled or anything, and im too old to go back in so i know its not about that.

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Re: Flying with high winds

Post by butrflie50 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:36 pm

Im not sure of this but as I was reading the beginning of your dream, I felt like its possible that your having a hard time making a decision ot making up your mind about something.

This may be Gods way of getting you to either make a stand for something or someone, or to make a final decision about something. When we are in the valley of decision, we are not grounded, or rooted. Nor is our foundation stable. We tend to be tossed to and fro like the wind.

When He tells us to make a decision, it is so that He can walk us into His perfect will. The scriptures tell us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, and its impossible for Him to accomplish our destiny until we surrender our doubt, fear and unbelieve and begin walking in Faith. Faith in Him. not our decision. He loves us enough that He wont let us fail or fall if were truly seeking Him with all our heart.

I hope this helps.

God Bless.
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