Interpretation needed: dream of a gunman

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Interpretation needed: dream of a gunman

Post by Amethyst on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:49 am

Hello all, I am new and just registered because I would like a spiritual interpretation of a dream I just had last night. Thank you kindly in advance.

I believe the dream to be symbolic and have a few clues but still would like further interpretation.

Dream: I was with my family and there was construction going on around my house in the dream -I didn't recognize my real house (in real life) but it was a house that I believe was mine (in the dream)There were workmen doing some kind of work at my house. I think some of my family members were there husband, son but they weren't prominently emphasized in the dream.

Before being at my house in the dream, I think I found this little light colored kitten, but the kitten was all dirty, like it was a stray and needed a home. Somehow, the kitten ended up in the trunk of a car (don't specifically know who's car it was) and I told someone in my family "oh the kitten is in the car! We've got to get it out and give some water to it" I was concerned the kitten might die in the trunk.So then I am back at my house (in the dream) and i take the kitten and give it a bowl of water , while workmen are walking around at my house. i was concerned that the little kitten might get in the way of the workmen-

Then the dream changes-
I am in my car on the way to Philadelphia (I do not live near Philadelphia in real life)
And I am on a road which at the end of it, is the exit on the right hand side to get off to go to Philly.It is a regular type of residential road, not a highway. As I am going toward the exit which is just down the road, I am about to pass this house which is large and I see all these cars are stopped and lined up on the road in front of it, not moving. Apparently, there has been a family shooting at this house that I pass and the gunman is on the loose. So while in line behind the other cars,some cars ahead of me decide to turn around and go back the way they came.

Then, because of safety, several people decide to get out of their cars and go lay in a ditch face down and hide, across the street from this house, so that perhaps the crazed gunman on the loose won't see them- this ditch is hidden partially behind some trees across the street from this house. So, being that I am stuck in this line of cars that is not moving, and being concerned about the gunman, maybe seeing me in my car, I too decide to go hide in the ditch where the other people are.

Then I wake up. Anyone have an interpretation from the Lord? I personally have some thoughts, but wanted to hear others interpretation, to see if it bears witness with my own understanding from the Lord. Thanks again!

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