Possibly pregnant with a centaur

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Possibly pregnant with a centaur

Post by Nal on Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:38 pm

There were a few of us riding horses and some of the horses seemed to be pulling a cart. I remember a beautiful black horse that wasn't mine, but seemed like it kinda turned into mine, or we had a real connection anyway. We (I didn't see faces of these people) were riding these horses fast and really close to eachother...I was nervous that this was quite dangerous, but changed my mind as it all seemed controlled and safe somehow. This black horse became more attached to me and came home with me...I remember it coming partway into the house (my childhood home) and all of the sudden it had 5 heads, (pretty sure it was 5). Each head had a different expression. The only expression that I vividly remember was the smiling one...the teeth were big and white and it looked kinda silly because it looked like fake teeth (they were all perfect and looked like human teeth, not horse teeth). I was hesitant but gave this horse a very quick kiss...not sure if I kissed the other faces or not.
I then found myself in the garage and for some reason this black horse was going to impregnant me and in thinking through that I thought that I would have a half horse half human baby (centaur).
So that's about all I can recall. Now that I'm awake I'm torn about the color of the horse...in the dream the color of the horse (black) was significant in that it was power and beauty, but now that I'm awake it seems like I'm talking myself out of the beauty part and that maybe it just emulated power.
I had no idea what a centaur was before I had this dream, so that is interesting to me as the only good view I have of them is from C.S. Lewis's Narnia Chronicles...all other views are cloaked in greek mythology.
Anyone have any thoughts?
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