Neighbors Have Radioactive Bomb Land in Their Yard

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Neighbors Have Radioactive Bomb Land in Their Yard

Post by rosebush on Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:15 pm

Hello again!

Dreamed last night I was in my neighbor's yard. A bomb landed in the front yard and it was radioactive. I scrambled to safety, narrowly escaping, making it inside my neighbor's house and was searching for the safest place, noting a few windows open, etc. The living room was just filled with various women, as in a party. I also see women at a dining room table playing a game of cards. The woman/women resemble me. I ran up the stairs to the second floor for safety, looking to hide in a closet but in the process found myself with my aunt's best friend Dorothy (she lives in our town but not next door), and she was there explaining to me that there WAS a radioactive bomb that landed but it actually landed in another town, not in the front yard outside, which really didn't make sense cause I saw the bomb land out front, but in the dream I believed what she told me was the truth. The town just so happens to be the last name of an acquaintance friend I know; Dorothy and the acquaintance friend also know each other well.

Being the bomb lands in a "front yard" I am seeing this as prophetic, even though I am later told the bomb lands in a neighboring town, but wonder what a radioactive bomb might be about. At first I thought it was about my real life neighbors that I like very well and was worried they may be having marriage troubles, but later believe it may be about the friend acquainted with Dorothy and has the same last name as the town mentioned in the dream. Neighbors have often been about the good Samaritan, which the friend I believe the dream may be about has been for me -- a good Samaritan.

I've had previous dreams with radioactive elements that had to do with explosive conflict. Any thoughts on radioactive? I'm trying to escape or avoid the fallout.

Very grateful,

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