I was accused by Heidi Baker of serving sun Gods.

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I was accused by Heidi Baker of serving sun Gods.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:04 am

Hello blessings to you beloved friends.


I was with a friend and my friend needed to see Heidi Baker and so I went with her to see Heidi and we went to this place in the middle of no where to this cave. Inside the cave Heidi Baker was waiting to talk to this girl. I waited outside the cave but could here what Heidi was saying to her and I hear, " Jeanie serves the sun Gods stay away from her." I was like what, I don't serve any other Gods but Jesus! I was hurt Heidi Baker would say that about me and she was telling the girl not to hang out with me. So the girl leaves and I am standing outside in disbelief. what Then Heidi Baker comes out and tells me, I need help and that I need to repent. So then I leave and I am praying out to the Lord going Lord why is this happening and forgive me if I have been serving sun Gods or whatever I just always want to be right in my heart with you Lord, and I am crying because I felt like I was always being accused of something. Then I was around other church members and not sure where I stood.

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