Cracked Roof rains water

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Cracked Roof rains water

Post by star_lilli on Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:27 pm

I had a dream that I dreamt while having a day sleep (I think). When I had the dream; I felt that I had had this dream before, but the dream had not progressed as far as this one had. And I only was just reminded that I had the dream by something else I was reading and it triggered the memory that I had had the dream in the 1st place.

The dream
I am in my unit, [which actually looks like a small house and actually looks nothing like my unit- I only had the sensation of it being my unit-possibly because it was home]. Some builders with big machines had to 're-postion' the house on its foundations.
[I should mention in real life they are doing foundation work on my unit because the opposite corners of the building a cracking severely-my unit being one of the corners]At first I felt that a good job had been done. Then I heard a loud CRACK! but saw no damage anywhere. Then while sleeping on my bed in the dream, (it was a white bedroom with a single bed in pale blue in the corner a very plain room) I felt drips on my face, I wiped them off but they smelt 'bad'. I looked up at the ceiling which was an ornate plaster ceiling and saw no damage.. But I was dripped on again.

I then got up in the dream as it was the 'middle of the day' and went and got my father, (my mother came too) and showed him the dripping. My mother felt the bed for dampness and found it quiet wet in places. When we all looked up, a large crack in the ceiling suddenly appeared and the roof opened up about 30 cm wide to expose an old thatched roof and a brilliant blue sky above and water poured (about a 10 litre buckets worth) in with a small amount of little pellets of poo, leaves, tree nuts and general debris (a 2 handful). We where all shocked and amazed, and I looked closer at the little pellets, they looked like possum poo, and then stared up at the thatched roof exposed.
End of the dream.
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