Dream About Myself and My Daughter

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Dream About Myself and My Daughter

Post by mom2slc3 on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:39 pm

Hi all. Wanted to share a dream that I had just this afternoon while taking a nap. It started out in our home church and some official type of folks came to tell us (all the church attendees) that we would need to evacuate. There was something dangerous that they wanted us to avoid. We live in Southern California. No one really seemed surprised and everyone was willing to comply. The machine that we got on to was really huge. It was like three times the size of an airplane but was made like an airplane.

I found out that at the rear part of this plane-like machine, were the members of another church in our area that is located in the next city over. I found that out because though I have three children, only one was in the dream and evacuating with me. We had gotten separated somehow at the outset and I was looking all over this really large flying machine for her. The people were discouraging me and encouraging me to find my seat and get in it. They were church leaders and ushers and they were from both churches. I kept looking for her anyway and finally did find her and we sat down and strapped in together. That was pretty much all the details that I remember about it. I know that it is significant though. Thanks for any insight.

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