death and train

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death and train

Post by bombonlatina on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:09 pm

Hello this is my first time here and decided to ut up a dream i dreamt about today.

i dreamt i was with my mother, she was sitting on the rightside of me in a train the coloure outside was orangy and could tell it was hot/burning outside and dark. there were only a few people on the moving train but in my mind i was afraid of where the train was going. i stood up but i found my feet were bent inwards and couldnt walk. i felt desperate and my mum advised me to talk to a man on the train that was makin people dead/dissapear, she said it would ease the pain if i was just dead? the man or spirit was dressed in dark clothing and came to me as my mum called him over, he faced me and struck me on the shoulders and i was gone/dead, at that moment i awoke

thank you for readin, i hope i get a few responses

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