dream about a guy being things he is not in RL

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dream about a guy being things he is not in RL

Post by redeeminglove on Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:15 am

I had a dream that I had gone over to a lady's house. (She wants me to try to date her brother-in-law in real life). He was there, but he was not at all who he is in real life. He was a overweight couch potato with long black hair, tattoos on his wrists and he smelled bad like he bad bad hygiene (in real life he is prematurely balding, has no tattoos that I am aware of, seems to be a hard worker and has lost a lot of weight, and I cannot think of a time where he smelled). He left the house and I told the lady that I could not date him, that my family would not accept his long nasty hair or his tattoos.

We then took her children to a water park. Even though the date did not turn out well and I needed to leave, I agreed to go with her. I tried to climb a yellow wall with water coming down but I lost my balance and fell. He son tried to also but he could not get up the wall. It was hard. I left because I no longer had time to be there.

I woke up feeling disgusted with him... but knew that none of the things about him in the dream were true.

Going with the lady to the water park even though I didn't have time may say that I feel like I have to do things or it may mean that I need to open up my time and sacrifice things I want to do for others.

Do you think that God could be telling me that all of my fears about this guy are not real? That all the reasons I have given for not dating him are not true?

Can anybody offer me insight?

IRL: This family wants me to date and marry their son. On the 4th of July I had a conversation with his sister and sister-in-law about how they and their mother thought I was perfect for him...

For me, I hardly know him. He is a good guy, I have heard it from so many Christians how great he is... so, I'll keep praying, can anybody see something that I am missing?

I have a hangout with this family in the next week or so. Any insight would be fantastic.

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Re: dream about a guy being things he is not in RL

Post by dreamster on Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:07 am

nerd i think dont be co-erced in2 anything, wat otha ppl think is irrelevent 4 u, perhaps u kood be seeing a future pik of the guy, ,,,,,,,,, D,,, stars in his eyes,,

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