my wedding ring lost a diamond and then the diamonds turned blue

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my wedding ring lost a diamond and then the diamonds turned blue

Post by redeeminglove on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:01 pm

I had a dream and I am having a really hard time understanding it...

It was Christmas time and I was married. I was wearing a wedding band and an engagement ring. I walked over to a friend and she said loudly and surprised, "YOU ARE MARRIED!?" I told her I was. As was looking at my rings, I then noticed that there was a diamond missing from one of my rings. I looked for it and found a blue jewel. I put it on the ring and said it was not my diamond. Then I began taking a layer off my ring and noticed that the ring did not have white diamonds but under a layer there blue diamonds in the rings that had been hidden under a layer of rings.

I then see that I guy I used to like was getting married and I knew he was not the one for me. The girl he was marrying was kind of forcing him to marry her. There was a letter where he was telling her that he thought he liked her. They were laying on a bed and he wanted nothing to do with her.

What is the deal with my diamond rings turning blue? Can anybody give me insight because I am so lost! I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you.

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