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Post by xochitl on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:12 pm

I had a dream last night, i was walking in the road, with a pastor who i once served under(I discovered He was using witchcraft, so i left the church and God delevered me from that),we had a conversation and; i started correcting his doctrine and, i fell asleep(in the dream) and i woke up in a church, i asked my companion(unknown to me in the dream) where we were, she told me we are in a town(60km's from where i stay), so service started and praise and worship began, I started worshipping God, and fell to my knees with my head on the seat of the chair, as i prayed and worshipped God, i started singing (To God Be The Glory) and soon after the whole church joined in, we really entered into the most holies, with that worship; i became a little surprised, because i didnt expect that, I was seated in the front row, and the pastors and elders(only men) called upon a gentleman who sat on my left, and took him to the side of the church, The man came back to sit next to me, and told me "I think you are what they looking for"(in the dream i knew this man wanted the position of worship team leader). Puzzled still, i looked to the back of the church and saw a couple of my estranged friends, and unsaved friends, sitting in the row after mine, suddenly they called upon me in the church and let me read the bible, and I read, You(I) shall be a Reuben to the Apostols, i dont know what this means please explain, also tell me if im wrong to think that theres a warning in the fact that I fell asleep(could it mean im not attentive in the spirit?).

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