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I was on a fishing trip and in a boat with someone. Someone else was running the motor and I was at the front being a lookout to avoid hitting the rocks. I was telling the person behind me how my father taught me how to watch for rocks when riding the rapids. I could see many rocks to avoid, not like when one typically goes for a boat ride in a lake.

We are all returning home on foot -- my father, children and myself. We come to what looks like a trailer house with some people and make a pit stop. I do remember a clothes line with what I believe was curtains on it and a woman took a look at me, cause we hadn't cleaned up at all on this 5-day journey and she told me I looked just terrible. I think I looked like a river rat -- a winter type woolen cap on my head with my hair tucked up underneath and old dirty fishing clothes. Cannot remember what we did there, but I was eager to get back and went on ahead of my family, leaving them behind. I got to a door, yes a door and door frame out in the middle of the woods. My father finally caught up with me and he had my young son who was looking at something on a shelf to the left of the door frame and wanted it. But my father said that we had something just like that at home, so put it back.

Then I remember opening the door to go through it. What lay ahead was the dirt road that we traveled down to get to our family's cabin, that was in real life too.

Then there is a scene with my older son in a small yacht type boat in a public area and he was cleaning up in there, as in taking a bath. It was up sort of high, but I could see him standing up and he had a white sheet covering most of his body, but I told him to sit down for privacy sake.


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