Rock on fire in a Lake of water and reassurance from my brother?

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Rock on fire in a Lake of water and reassurance from my brother?

Post by Macleod on Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:56 am

We were visiting my husbands cousin and her family. Her house seemed to be in a hot climate (spain?/france?) We were going out to the back garden, they wanted us to see their pond and a fire they had put in place. As we walked out the house, to the left was a ridge going up lined with a single file of trees. Her 2 sons were destroying 2 of the trees? I asked the father of the boys why he was allowing the boys to do that and it was as if he had been aware that they were destructive but while he was inside, he hadn't seen how bad it was. To the left was also a field of yellow grass (long)? We walked along this wide path, to the left was the grass, to the right was the pond. 3 women sat in a row together up near the grass facing the pond and 3 men sat together in a row near and facing the pond. I turned off to the right, off the wide path onto a narrow path towards the pond. I felt as though I was out of sight from the others. I looked down, on either side of the path was green ground cover. A little further in front of me was a tall wall of rock and over to the right was the pond, this rock wall extended all the way to the end of the pond. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. The pond was huge, more like a lake, the water was beautiful and calm (looked like the water you see on computer games), it was simply beautiful. The end of the pond was as though there was a drop, like the edge of a waterfall, except there was a low wall, the water didn't go over the edge. The backdrop was this array of sunset colours in the sky - it was absolutely surreal. I kept exclaiming over and over again just how magnificently beautiful it was there. In the lake/pond, near the path, on the waters edge, was a big, tall smooth rock and out the rock, towards the top, was a lovely fire. It was fuelled by gas (you could see a small pipe coming out the rock). Just then I looked around and realised that I had better keep an eye open for snakes. I asked "what type of snakes do you get here" my brother walked down through the garden (I think he was walking down from a table and chairs where they were sitting and socialising) and embraced me, smiling (as though reminding me) and told me that I didn't have to worry about snakes, he would protect me.

It felt like such a good dream!! I still can't get over the beauty of the lake and the sky.

Bless You huggins

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