Help Trying to figure Three Diffrent Dreams Please Help!!!

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Help Trying to figure Three Diffrent Dreams Please Help!!!

Post by daywolf7 on Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:25 pm

I continously have a dream were me and my husband have a baby with bright blue eyes (just like my husband) the thing is I can't have any kids I had a complete hysterectomy. What does that mean. I see myself feeding it taking care of it. I see a boy and he is cute joyful.

Also I had this dream: Please note my brother is in jail going on two years. This is the dream I had. Seeing my brother (made me happy, he was happy in my home he met my husband and they were laughing) I asked where he was or had been but did not answer me. I saw my brother threw a clear window in my house he was accompanied by a stranger who was wearing black and laughing the whole time. I knew he was coming and kept an eye on him to see where he went. I lost him a couple of times and grew worried but I was relieved when I saw him at my house. I quickly went to the store/bakery were I noticed i was all dressed in black and even a shawl like black around my head and fell to the side of my face, and I bought food and had a huge piece of bread put in my bag. I came back home t cook for everyone still at the table I could hear my brothers big laughter and the same stranger laughing with him. THe stranger and I were both wearing black. Then my brother left wit the stranger,He left but I felt ok at peace when he left although a little concerned because I did not know the person he was with. I sat at the table quitely and looked at the door it was closed below me and magnified I saw two brown spiders with oval gray pattern on their back. One got on top of the other as if to mate. I got upset and decided I did not want a procreation of spiders in my house so I noticed the two spiders were on top of a very light purple garment. I asked my husband for something to kill them. But I got my shoe and stumped on them with my hand on the shoe. My husband was calling me to go somewher and I kept saying WAIT! Im not sure if I killed it or not I moved the shoe a little and noticed the legs of one of them but then my dream ended.

What does it mean. As I was praying about it tonite and this were I was guided to begin my search.

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