Who Birthed this baby????

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Who Birthed this baby????

Post by butrflie50 on Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:25 pm

I was watching this scene in an operating room.

I saw a man in a white physicians coat. He handed a white baby to another man who was facing him across the room.

I knew this man to be either an Angel or "God".

The baby was facing the man it was given to. I could not determine the gender of the child but it was clean and not fresh from the womb. It was plump and not a newborn.

A "mother" was not there.

I felt a peace during the dream and the atmosphere was pleasant. The room was brightly lit.

It was if the 2 men had a purpose when he handed it over the baby to the other as if to say "take care of it."

I am not going to have a baby, Im a Mother of 3, with 6 grandchildren of my own. I am single and usually I am the one interpreting dreams but this one may be too close to home. Any ideas or input will be considered....

Thank you!

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