Vision Interpertation with some background info

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Vision Interpertation with some background info

Post by Starlight on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:57 pm

The information below is from a post on Christian counseling thread. The wonderful Grey Butterfly encouraged me to post it here as well.. So here goes. TIA

I accepted Jesus almost 12 years ago but never changed my life or opened my heart to change so I lived a very worldly life. As a result of bad decisions and being away from God, I got into a very harmful relationship a little over 2 years ago.
I met a guy and felt like.. wow.. this is the one. A few dates in he confessed he had a girlfriend. I did stop seeing him briefly but continued in the relationship because I had feelings for him I had never experienced before. Only 6 months into the relationship I got pregnant and had to endure the heartbreaking agony of him saying he was not ready for a child. For a list of very bad reasons I terminated the pregnancy. Afterwards I wanted to close that chapter in my life. The guy came back and apologized to me. He told me many things but I had no trust for him and our communication ended shortly after.

I was in a deep depression and cried every day. It took that experience to really make me seek God and just recently (February) I began to pray and ask God to please take all of the feelings I had for this person to be removed. The vision/answer I got from the prayer has caused me tears of joy and pain.

While in my bathroom crying out to God to please remove the feelings and thoughts of this man I feel a warm glow in my heart and hear a voice from within say that God has a blessing for me that is greater than what I was asking for. I saw visions of this Guy in a church in a tuxedo. He was waiting for me to come down the aisle. God said that he would take my pain and turn into a blessing so large that only he could get the glory.

He showed me all of my male friends and suitors who were in my life and showed me I needed to get rid of them in order to receive my blessing. I saw myself running into this guy outdoors somewhere and I understood that I was not to contact him nor he me but when the time was right I would see him again.

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