Friend in prison

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Friend in prison

Post by Tkay on Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:18 pm

I am dreaming of my friend in prison. I go to see him and the visitation area is a house with a long hallway and off to the sides are visitation rooms. As I am choosing which one I want to visit with him in, I notice there are school desks in the rooms. These are the older type wooden desks from about 20 or thirty years ago or more. The next thing I remember he comes in and we are seated and visiting. One of his friends is also there visiting a female friend. There are lots of inmates and visitors there. All of a sudden there is a piercing womans scream from the next room and we just kinda freeze for a second. My friends friend says we gotta get outta here and grabs his female friend and takes off running. Next thing I know my friend has picked me up and is running with me. We are going so fast everything is a blur and I am hanging onto him very tightly. Then all of a sudden we are in a van or panel type truck and we are basically driving off into the sunset. I can't remember who was driving, I want to say me, but not for sure. It was all calm and we were just smiling at each other and driving off. Thats it?
Thanks for any insight.
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