He says he's going to marry me someday!!!!

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He says he's going to marry me someday!!!!

Post by Angelwings on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:20 am

I went to a house that seemed to belong to someone that was expecting me. I walked in and there was an older gentlemen there, and I was in awe at how beautiful he remodeled the place. I just could not believe my eyes at how stunning he designed it. He had a huge fireplace, beautiful expensive looking furniture, beautiful fixtures, the floor almost looked like marble, very classy looking. He even had an area that looked like a bar. No one was there but there was a long counter top with stools in front and behind it was a serving area...not sure what kind of serving area, but the only thing I can describe it as is a bar area of some sort.

He continued to give me a tour and brought me to the kitchen. The kitchen was made into a mini restaurant, like a diner. He had about four booths and a open kitchen with staff members cooking, and there were a few people eating there. I was so impressed and starting complimenting him on his home, but I jokingly told him that I would have put a game room in place of the bar area, and that he could not have gone wrong with a game room area. We laughed and he told me to have a seat and eat.

There were two young guys eating and they began to talk to me in a casual way. Some time seemed to pass and one of the guys took a liking to me. He was very sweet and respectful. I didnt seem interested but really enjoyed talking to him, he was very nice and we became friends.

Then a lady showed up, someone who was my friend and told me I needed to leave because I had a family gathering that I was running late for. I guess I had forgotten about it and I wasn't dressed properly so my friend took me next door to a thrift shop so I can find something to wear.

We were searching the thrift store form some time. I couldn't seem to find something fitting or even my size, my friend was helping me search. She said my mother was going to be upset at how late I would be to the party. The young guy who took a liking to me walked in to the thrift store and began to accompany me as I searched for an outfit. He was flirting and being funny, but was very respectful and sweet.
I thought to myself that if my mother saw me with this guy she would probably be upset, because I was running late.

The young guy and I walked together as I looked around and he gently put his arm around my shoulders and said he was going to marry me one day. I believe that was the second time he told me that. I was flattered and he had a sense of humor that I liked, he kept making me laugh and smile. As we walked into the other room there was my mother and a few other people. I was shocked!! She was searching the stores and she excitingly told me she found some books that teach you how to put together an outfit. I thought it was ridiculous. Why would I read a book, in a clothing store, on how to put together an outfit when I could just do it myself.
After I said that my mother looked over and noticed the young guy that was with me. She told him he should come along to the party with me. I was so surprised to hear her say that, its not like her. As I looked over at him in surprise he smiled really big and told me something like "see I'm a nice looking guy" and something about his physic. He was being funny again and at that moment he just melted my heart and I felt like I was falling in love, and I thought to myself "could this guy be the one?"

scratching chin some of you know I'm married in real life....so I'm so confused. It was one of those dreams that felt so real and I woke up like HUH???
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