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Looking for confirmation

Post by bluejeankid on Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:40 pm

Greetings to all,
I had this dream last night. Please read.

The dream starts with me standing outside a small house on the beach with a woman I seem to know. I'm telling her something and I look down at myself and see that I have the body of a man. ? IRL a female.

So I go back in time to a monestary with monks. I ask them to help me fight a spiritual battle. Which they agree too. So we battle the evil spirits with long spears that look like three pronged forks. The middle prong being longer. The battle is over and I believe that we win so I hurry back to the future to stop the evil that the woman had done.

I get back to the beach house and see that I'm too late. The woman is outside smoking a cigarette. She shows me the dried blood on her hands and arms. Sad is not enough to describe the sadness that I felt as I walked away.

Away from the beach to stand at a cliff looking down into a forest valley. I can see that a cloud is beginning to form. I turn to say to Shelly who just seem to appear, "Have you ever walked in a cloud?"
No. Neither have I but I am now. I go over the edge down into the cloud, where white whispy puffs surround me. Hmmm this is a cloud?

Now I'm at the bottom of the forest valley. I see a white house and go in. No one is home.I notice all the floors. They are all hardwood. I see some signs and can't figure out whats going on. So in a dark corner I move a chair and break a opening in the floor. It cracks like thin ice and the water underneath is ice cold but clear. I see some boy scout stuff and figure out that someone has prepared a scavanger hunt. So I put the clue back in place.

Now I at the top of the cellar stairs. I tell Shelly (who has reappeared) we'll see how far this goes down. I counted 50 steps then told her that the well has no bottom. Lets go back up. As we begin to go back up we hear a noise. Pretend we didn't hear it. Then hear it again. I know that back in a dark corner there is a shadow that the owners of the house keep chained up. It is forgotton.

Now we are outside the house hiding behind a park car. The owners are back. We see a small girl with neon green around her mouth and purple hair. She is trying to shovel purple charcole brickqets into a big wheelbarrel. The shovel is bigger than her. I put my finger to my lips. Shhhhhhh. Don't tell your dad and mom we are here.

I feel soooo bad for the little girl. She is too young and too small to be doing a grown-ups job. And she struggles to get the work done.

Then the mom open the car door and tosses the younger child up on her hip to carry him into the house.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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