New Location/ New House

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New Location/ New House

Post by blessedwomen on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:38 am

Hi! In this dream we were in a new city Deltona and in a new home. I remember in the dream that I was working during that time. I remember meeting once again a hispanic couple whom I had not seen in along time. IRL, i met them both at a center for disabled/handicapped children. There was a friend/relative that interpret what I said to her, as I invited her and family over to the house. She said that they also,lived in the area that I just moved too. They came over and I invited her and her daughter(who IRL is severally handicapped/facial deformation),who was in a special made wheelchair into the familyroom. My husband invited her husband,Edorudo(SLT), to the sunroom to play table tennis or TT as my husband calls it. As, we were sitting trying to communicate with each other, i heard the Holy Spirit speak to me saying that He wanted me to pray for their daughter for healing/miracle. I immediately regonized His voice and i called for her husband to come. He came and I said to him "Do you believe in Jesus Christ"? He replied, Yes, we are christians. I said good because I am also a christian and the holy spirit spoke to me and said for me to pray for your daughter. I asked him to tell his wife and if it would be okay for me to pray for her. Well, he spoke to her in spanish, looking at each other and smiling. Looking like yeah, sure we have done this before but, nothing happen. It was like I could discern what was in there hearts. So, i said a simple prayer and before my very eyes i saw angels taking her(daughter) face,like a puzzle and moving it around, reshaping her face . I was in awe,next I heard bones snap! Both parents were crying and in a state a shock/awe as to what was happeig. My husband said Holy blank! (he is still being transformed in RL). Next, the holy spirit told me to tell her father to get her out of the wheelchair take her by hand and walk her around. I did as I was instructed to do. He took her by the hand she was wobbly at first,but she was strengthened has he continued to walk. She also,tried to mutter words. The Holy Spirit said to me that she will be completley healed in a matter of days. I told her father this. That scene ended. Next scene: A knock came at my door. My husband was by my side I opened the door to see who it was it was an older hispanic woman asking for prayer for a loved one,not only that,there were alot of hispanics in my front yard asking for prayer. I was completly overwhelmed. There were putting placing monies in my hand. Tv newscrew was there. (Im trying to shorten this. It is very detailed there were 3 scenes). Had my husband to call his friend Fish, who knows how to handle administratively the work of the church. More people came . I conducted a revivial and pray for mass deliverance and healing as the Lord had instructed me to do. Total offerings from the first day and revival was $100,000. I remember telling my husband that I needed to go and see Apostle(dnt want to name him). He had already heard what was going on and he said that God has given me a/the Ministry of Angels?

If anyone has any interpretations please post it. God Bless all of you!!!!

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