Massive Windows = Prophetic Vision

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Massive Windows = Prophetic Vision

Post by MaMaZ on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:33 am


I am looking at a green hill then next minute Iím all a loan on top of the green hill. When I look out I see nothing but blue sky all around me, I saw and ocean of blue water I was staring at it but through it all I could hear voices many of them then the ocean/sea parted I was centered in the middle of this ocean and to both sides of me angels were marching in rows of two lines they were like in reaching distance but I just stared at them when they passed me, their lines joined together in front of me and then there were like 4 rows all these angels were walking to the opposite side of the ocean. Then I find Iím staring at this sunset the sky is beautiful I was thinking Iíve never seen a sun set so lovely then I saw flames to the right of me they like shot across the sky and just spread out over the top of me. When I turned around behind me to see where they came from I saw a throne all by its self no one sat there I was just in line with the throne and staring at a empty seat with flames all around and this throne was in amidst the flame. I did wonder why I wasnít burnt or why I never felt the heat cause in real life I would have been fried like an egg in a super hot pan. I looked back toward the sunset but there was flame all over the sunset on the left I saw thousands of white crossís like you do when you visit the soldier graves in the war graveyard. Then Iím at the bottom of this mountain Iím there with thousands of others we all are glowing we look gold, where all waiting for something then a massive cloud comes out from the top of the mountain and I donít feel fear Iím more in awe of it greatness. I am staring at the night sky and a golden horse gallops toward me but for some reason it rears away a couple of seconds before it would have hit me. I remember looking to the side of me(thou I was above them) and there were all these people in white robes they were all reaching up toward these men but I heard a voice ďnot yet ď it was like I was there just to observe something or them I donít know? I remember staring at the sky and I saw a massive gold eagle flying over me and it landed on top of the mountain on the left of me. It was massive it looked liked the mountain was a birds nest thatís how big the eagle was. I came out of the vision after this I hope you can enlighten me
Unto God In Jesus Name be all the Glory

Vision 2
Iím inside this massive hall itís white all over but not blinding, I would have been about 10 to 15 feet away from these massive windows. There was no other windows just this massive looking window that could have passed for a huge sliding door; it went from one end of the hall to the other. The height of the windows was huge as well I remember they started from the bottom of the floor to the top of the roof. I remember staring around in a circle amazed there was no furniture just a massive empty white hall. I wanted to look out the windows to see what it looked like outside but to do that I had to move the curtains aside, I thought to myself now thatís gonna be hard because I was only tiny beside these curtains. When I reached for the curtain I remember them being real soft and when I pulled them open I pulled them open from one end of the hall to the other. When I opened them I looked out the window I could see only darkness outside this hall was on the edge of a massive mountain looking out over into this dark scene. Then it was like my eyes were opened and I could see these 7 angels standing without the windows a city was there, they were massive angels their heads were looking side to side, I stared for while and all inside the hall was peaceful. They stood in a semi half circle side by side just standing there like they were waiting for someone or something to do. Then I saw them with swords in their hands they pulled them out in front of them and stood there for maybe a few minutes then they just swung out and people in this city started to fall down and die. I started screaming at them to stop but they never heard a word I saw people were running away but they were falling at the strike of these angelsí swords I remember seeing sometimes hundreds falling at one time. I tried smashing the windows screaming out to the people to run away but I couldnít find anything strong enough to break the glass. After running back and forth in the hall I saw a door to the side of me and ran to open it, when I did I could see people outside my back doorstep I could see them and they could see me. I was screaming at them to come to the door but when I went to step out the door there was like a massive see through foot blocking me from going out and this foot was keeping out the people I was trying to save. I could see them dropping dead and it was like their bodies were falling on top of one another, I remember looking up and staring into this angels face and I was pleading with him to move his foot so that these people could come into the hall but the angel shook his head. I hit the angel tried to bite the angel I tried to stab the angel but to no avail and it was like I amused him. My last thought before I woke was why when I had this big hall that was empty, I couldnít let these people enter.
It was like I had to see all these people die and that scared me I know I had angels there why didnít they help? Or why is this vision so sad? Unto God in Jesus Name be all the Glory

This is the understanding of the first vision.

God is revealing a vision of something He is going to do, it is prophetic. This I believe could be an end times vision. Remember the scripture...I shall look unto the hills for help for that is where my help comes from it comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. Hills represent the Lord and because they are green it represents His life giving power and help. When you are sitting on this Hill you are privy to what He wants you to see. The blue sky represents "seeing" things above and the blue ocean represents "seeing" things of humanity, blue represents revelatory so God is revealing to you things that will happen in the heavens and things that will happen below on earth. The voices you hear are all mankind (ocean) and the dividing of the ocean is the diving of all mankind (good from evil). The angel soldiers are just what they are angels solders of the Lord and they are there to bring the division (number 2 means to divide)of the good and evil. The number 4 (in this case)represents the reign of God, His control, also, the angels are under His control over the 4 corners of the world.
The sunset represents the time we are coming into right now, as the sun (son) begins to set on the earth and the Holy Spirit (the flames of fire)come forth from the throne of God to cover all the earth and heavens. During this time there will be a spiritual battle for the souls of men and there will be many Saints of God who fought bravely and died for the Lord. Then the scene changes and you are now participating, along with others who served God and died for Him in the great battle, at the foot of the mountain (mountains represent government, this mountain represents God's government or rule) and you all are covered in His glory (gold) as the Holy Spirit comes down upon you all like a cloud. (Remember the Israelites in the dessert and the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night that guided them-the Holy Spirit.)You are now taken back to a place of observation and you are seeing the power of God's glory (horse)coming down to earth. (It is possible that there is a time change here as the scene seems to go back a little in time to show you another scene taking place.) The people in white robes are the Saints of God that died as martyrs (as seen in Revelations) and they are asking for God's justice upon the evil people of the earth, but the Spirit is saying it is not time yet for that to happen. Then when you look to see to the left of you (left means destiny or future)you are seeing something taking place in the future and you are seeing the Great Prophet (golden/glory, eagle) of God, Jesus, descending upon His government(mountain) and dwelling(nesting)there taking His reign over all the world and the universe.
God is confirming to His prophets what he is going to do and to tell the people of the world to be prepared for His time is near

Vision number 2.

The Lord had taken you to a special place, a sheltered place, a pure and holy place to protect you and to reveal to you what is to come. The massive windows in this room represent a place of huge revelation and the curtains are hiding the revelation until you move them back to see what God wants to reveal to you. The blackness represents the darkness to come upon the earth, and God opens your spirit eyes to see what He wants to reveal to you. He has His angels in position over all the earth (city) ready for the great harvest of the separation of the tares (non-believers) from the wheat (believers), waiting for God's command to go to work. Then the command comes and all the non-believers are struck down and destroyed. Of course this would be upsetting to you because as a believer you don't wish to see anyone lost but it is God's Will and not for you to save these people because they have already been judged by God and deemed unable to save and are not written in the Lambs Book of Life. The Angel blocks your ability to try and save these people because it's too late, the decree has already been sent out to destroy all unbelievers. This vision is sad because of all the lost souls.
Now this was given, I believe, because God is letting you know that it is not that time yet and you still have time to help all that you can to come to know the Lord but, He also wants you to realize is that not all will heed your warnings, and to trust that He knows what He is doing. He has to destroy all that is evil before He can bring His reign upon the earth. Just like there is no evil allowed in Heaven, none will be allowed on the new earth where He will make His Throne and where He will reign.
To God be the Glory, and the power for ever. Amen

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