First Post.....HELP!! Drowning and can't breathe and being attacked by mad dog!!

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First Post.....HELP!! Drowning and can't breathe and being attacked by mad dog!!

Post by meg2011 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:57 am

Names in dreams
Zach-my brother
Gracee - My neice
Brad - Gracee's step dad

Dream #1- May 2011
Zach, Gracee and I were white water rafting. It was some sort of park that has tour guides. Things were going good for awhile. We were going around a couple bends and as we went around the last one we heard the waterfall up ahead and knew it was too strong for us to go over. We attempted to try to make it to shore prior to huge waterfall. All of us went under water. I managed to come back up and found Gracee and got her to huge boulder along shore to sit on. I continued to search for Zach but couldn't find him. I then sat on the boulder yelling his name but didn't have any luck. I saw some tour guides go by, so I stopped them and asked them if they had seen him. But no one had. We never did find him before I finally woke up.

Dream #2 June 22, 2011
Only person I reconized in this dream was Brad. There were other people, but I didn't know any of them. We were sitting on what appeared to be picinic tables. Not sure where we were at. I didn't see a beach or ocean. We saw huge waves coming towards us. The waves carried the tables we were sitting at. Didn't take long for the waves to keep pushing us under water. At the swell of the wave I could see a man's smiling face with his arms outstreched towards me. Kind of like he wanted me to come. I kept struggling against the waves trying to make it. After a very long struggle I finally made it to the surfice gasping for air and very scared. This person I saw pulled me up the rest of the way and held me cause I was too scared to move. The face was what really struck me. It was the most loving smiling face. A comfort after the struggle I had just been through.

Dream #3 First part of May 2011

I was in a home watching a couple of kids, their dad was present. They had a german shepherd type dog. The dog had just had some type of major surgery and was now on meds that was making this dog behave in a manner that was not typical for him. He was once a sweet dog and now since his surgery has become a "mad" dog. I was trying to protect the kids from this dog but they loved their dog and kept getting in the way of me protecting them. The dog didn't attact them but did attack me numerous times on my arms and legs and feet. After we cornered the dog in the closet the dog started attacking the kids as well. It was not till the kids started getting attacked that their dad entered the room. I said something needs to be done with this dog. Put him outside. Something is not right. The father finally took my advice and took the do outside where he shot it to put it out of its misery.

Hope someone can help give me some insight into the possible meanings of these dreams.

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