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First Post, First Visit

Post by KNT1106 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:35 am

I apologize in advance. I have briefly reviewed the stickys so I apologize if I go against community rules.

In conjuction with this post, I am seeking the Lord in these matters and possibly related real life situations.

About 2 months ago, I had 3 all within a 2 week period (I think).

Dream 1

I was being seduced by an attactive woman in a red dress. She lies down in bed and performs sexual acts on herself. Out of her woman parts comes a hand/claw that resembles a hermit crab and creeps out like one. Then a matching face is revealed behind it. The thoughts during the dream were of discust. It was ugly and nasty and discusting.

*I have issues with self pleasure and when I met the girl I lost my virginity to, she was wearing a red dress.

Dream 2

Me and my wife were standing outside our new house admiring it at nightime. She screams "look at the sky!" and an object is flying across the sky, glowing/ is bright....similar to what a satelite looks like at night, but a little brighter and bigger. Suddenly, EVERYTHING turns pitch black even the stars and the flying object and we simutaneously fall like the ground gave way.

I woke up at this point but it felt like we were going to fall forever.

Dream 3

Me and my wife were in the kitchen I beleive and I notice a crack in the floor. The crack grew larger and eventually we had to leave the house. We then were standing outside our home and watching it be split completely in half. In the yard we were not standing next to one another.

Wifes Dream 1

Last night she told me and woke up and went to sleep several times and in her dream everytime she was pregnant.

Real-Life situation

My in-laws currently are going through a divorce. Actually my father in-law is unaware at this moment. This will be the hardest moment of my wifes life. She loves her parents, especially her father. But he has led a double life for many years. We have found out of half-brothers, drug dealing, infedelity, and much more. The upcoming divorce with be a "doozy".

I apologize again if this isn't the right way to present my situation. I pray to God for his guidance.

I thank you in the name of Jesus.
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Re: First Post, First Visit

Post by mindilj81 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:31 pm

This is just my opinion: I think, a very down, dark time is coming your way. It is something that could very well break up your marriage. I believe it is a warning. Maybe there is a woman that you find attractive that will threaten your marriage. Just keep everything that is going on, in mind. Realize that the divorce is going to be hard on your wife, & she will need your support and your unconditional love. A baby usually represents new life. Just pray really hard. Keep praying, & hope the situation is resolved, & happy endings to come. Take care, good luck, & God Bless! Please let me know how whether or not I'm anywhere near the target
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