Someone Drank My Blood

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Someone Drank My Blood

Post by valerierobin on Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:03 pm

I'm new here and this is my first post. wave

This may have been part of a longer dream but this is all I remember. I was taken captive by someone and it appeared to be in a post-apocalypse environment--an abandoned city with destroyed buildings. My captor was taking me somewhere and there was a 3rd person, don't know if they were also captive or with the captor. My captor stopped and wanted to do something to me apparently to weaken me or harm me, possibly so he could make sure I wouldn't get away. So he took a large plastic drinking straw (larger than a normal straw) that was pointed on one end and he stuck it into a vein in my arm and started drinking my blood as it flowed out through the straw. I did not feel anything at all and as he was drinking I was secretly happy because I knew that my blood was going to change him such that he would no longer be evil.

The only thing I am getting from this dream is in general terms: that if someone tries to harm me they are unable to and I can see that good that will come from it?? But I think it is more significant than that but I am stumped on this one.
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