SPIDERS ! jumping on my hand !

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SPIDERS ! jumping on my hand !

Post by tinadiamond on Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:24 am

I was like in my house or someone else's house don't remember but It was like a party or like some kind of a get together & I went in the kitchen to get some more food from the pan , picked up the spoon that was sitting in the pan to serve myself & when my hand was close to the pan , as I was picking up the spoon ,I noticed 4 spiders in the pan just sitting their waiting, before I could pull my hand back, they jumped on my hand, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, I was thinking they might of went under my shirt sleeve so I began to dust my self off every where & kinda hitting my arms ,trying to kill them ,just in case they ran under my sleeve. The strange thing is I never saw where they went & I never felt them bite ! I then woke up & I was thinking I never felt them bite and where did they go? If u can please help with this , thank you!!!!!!!!!

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