2 new dreams same night

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2 new dreams same night

Post by ladybecky on Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:49 am

Wow, now I'm in a very active dreaming season again. I had 2 dreams last night:

1st dream My car was packed like I was moving (IRL we may need to move), and my two children were with me. We were suppose to meet my husband at a destination. We drove, then it went to a dead stop. There was a traffic jam of cars in front of me, so I got off to take a look. I noticed why the cars stopped, the road changed to a narrow bridge. It was a steel narrow suspension bridge. It was as narrow as a side walk. The bridge had no arches or support beams on top. The bridge was laying on top of the water, then it slopped into the water and later went back up again. I saw a man was standing on the right side next to the bridge in the water, the water was up to his hip, then I saw my daughter standing on the left side in the water. When I saw her in the water it made me feel not afraid because i knew the water was not that deep. I asked the man what was going on and He told me that the bridge has sagged because heavy diesel trucks that came through were to heavy and stetched the bridge. Then we walked back. (End of Dream)

2nd dream
I went to a church I used to go to (IRL this was a church with very controlling leadership) My old pastor was there. I was wearing a maroon robe with a purple overlay (the colors did stand out in the dream). I walked in with the deacons and a few women on their staff, like in a processional march. As I walked in I turned and started to walk out because I observed that the leaders were very religious and full of pride. As I attempted to leave, The pastor chased me. On my way out my robe got caught on a wooden box, but I my purple overlay fell off, but I was able to escape. I ran outside and got into a convertable car w/ my husband. We drove off fast and I yelled THANK YOU JESUS with all my strength! Then we both yelled together THANK YOU JESUS! Then we were on the freeway. I then saw a person with a gun pointing it at a car, these were gang individuals. It was not pointed at me or my husband.

End of dream

I would appreciate any insight from the saints here!

with love


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