Flying Tractor

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Flying Tractor

Post by Timothy on Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:59 am

I had a very interesting dream. I was with two of my aunts and an old schoolmate/relative of mine named Oscar. I was looking for an ATM to withdraw money. The ATM was tampered with and some strange characters were hanging around. We decided to go and look for another machine. On our way a big yellow truck came from nowhere, I jumped out of the way and stood on some rocks that were on the side of the road. The truck passed without hitting anyone. Then immediately I saw a tractor ascending as if it was a helicopter and it was pulling a small red tanker. It sounded like a helicopter. Some minutes after going up it decided to change direction. As it was turning in the air, it started going down. It crashed on the street. The pilot came out, placed his right hand on his chest and fell dead immediately. People rushed to where he had fallen. I said to the people I was with that had we not moved the tractor would have fallen on us. I saw a woman who I have separated from some years back run towards the place. It was her brother who was flying the tractor. I immediately woke up.

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