Death and Renewal maybe?

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Death and Renewal maybe?

Post by Tkay on Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:42 pm

Hello Everyone,
I have been gone for a while and am reposting a dream I posted a long time ago. There are things going on in my life now that make me think of this dream.

Here is a little info before I tell the dream. My dad died 10 yrs ago and horses were a love that we shared. They were my first love and were/are a big part of my life.

Dream from about two years ago.
I was walking in the front pasture of my childhood home, with my dad and someone else I can't identify. My dad never looked me in the face either. The grass was brown from lack of rain and the air was hot and dry. A really hot summer day. The wind was up and blowing extremely hard.I would even say that there was some smoke maybe from a distant fire. For some reason we were walking towards my neighbors house and carrying a long piece of sheet metal. It was hard to control with the wind, so my dad took it and was trying to carry it and keep it from hitting me and getting cut up with it. The wind picked up more and took off with my dad and the metal. We could not catch him and bring it under control. I looked back towards the house for help and saw my boss from work running to help us. He only took several steps and decided he couldn't keep up and just stopped and went back. I thought yeah, that figures. (It was unusual for my boss to be there, even in real life). The wind kept blowing my dad towards the neighbors barb wire fence. I was the only one running after him at this point and do not know where the other person went. It flung him on the bottom wire face down and blew the metal away. It was all of sudden calm and the grass was greener and the breeze was blowing softly. I couldn't help my dad and there was blood on the fence and his neck. I could not get him off the fence. My dad who was already dead, died again. I was standing there and could find nobody around to help me. I felt so alone.

Then all of a sudden I was back at the house looking out the front door. My dad was there in his typical winter get up. Black cowboy hat, brown goose down coat and boots. He was a cowboy and horsetrainer. He had his back to the door and was standing off to the right of the door. He was gazing down a fairly long driveway that we have and on either side of the driveway were rows of horse pens. Filled with horses from my past as a little girl on into my adulthood. Horses of every color and I couldn't even count them. There was also alot of greenery and foilage. I was standing there in awe and never said a word. I knew my dad was aware of my presence, but never turned around to look at me. I don't remember anything else after that.

These seem to contast each other in settings. I am in a place in my life right now where I feel alone and helpless and am praying for help and something to happen. I don't know if this was a warning or what, but would appreciate any insight. Thanks so much.
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