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Vision - Seeking Closure :-) Empty Vision - Seeking Closure :-)

Post by MaMaZ on Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:55 am


By MaMaZ - 1/14/11 5:49 AM
Ello was wondering if I could maybe have more depth/meaning to this dream.
I was climbing a mountain it was dark possibly the middle of the night. I got to the edge and stood there looking out over what parts of the landscape I could see. While I was there I remember thinking " if I step off it would end it all" I've never had suicidal thoughts ever in my waking moments but in my dream my mind took on its own thinking pattern. There was a feeling in me that held me back from taking a step forward, I looked down and saw nothing but blackness when I looked behind me over my right I could see a row of glowing sheep climbing the hill to side of me. I turned to look directly at the sheep cause the glow of them attracted me. I stared for a little while and watched them; they followed a track that twirled around the mountain side. After a while I turned fascinated once again by the drop off the edge that I stood upon. I thought to myself "Lord its lonely here" I was going to jump but I felt to look at the sheep one more time, when I glanced backwards I was stunned the line of sheep were coming my way and before them was a figure too bright even for my dream eyes to look at. The feeling of love coming from this figure drew me I could see the robe/gape/gown flowing but I stared at the staff and the hand holding the staff. I could feel the wind the breeze gently flowing over me the hand that held the staff was in front of my eyes I remember staring at the hand then looking at the gown covering the hand the breeze moved the garment to and fro but when I tried to look toward the body I was blinded by the light. To God Be All the Glory God Bless

Nova light can I please have the meaning to this color if there is any reference? Super white but blinding.


1/14/11 12:17 PM
Dear mamaz,
It is obvious by this dream that you have turned your eyes away from the Lord and towards the things of darkness. Perhaps life has been very difficult for you (mountain and darkness) and you feel hopeless (but not suicidal)or something about the world has caught your attention and you feel compelled to "jump into" worldly ways or the things of darkness. Another possibility is that satan is trying to pursue you to follow the ways of darkness and turn from God. Search your heart and mind to see if there is anything you have been dwelling on lately or been drawn to lately that is not of God. The most wonderful news in this whole dream is that Jesus (the glowing man) and His followers (sheep) are trying to get your attention and keep it there to distract you from the evil that wants to pull you towards it. You can't look upon His body because His light is too bright for your human eyes but the staff He is carrying in his right hand is very important as He wanted to make sure you kept your eyes on it. The right hand signifies the work of a man (in this case a Sheppard), this is often associated with the man of Jesus, the Good Sheppard, the staff signifies power and leadership of the person holding the staff. It also is "an insignia of punishment as authorized by its carrier". In other words He was showing you that He is the one you need to keep your eyes on as He is the supreme Sheppard and the controller of your life. Also, He has the right to punish you if you should attempt to turn away and go in the wrong direction (such as jump off that mountain into darkness). The punishment is only for your correction and for the one who believes in Him and is loved by Him, so that your soul will not be lost.
Please pay attention to this dream and its interpretation. God wants so much to keep you from making a very serious mistake that is why He has appeared to you in this dream.
What a blessing that He came to you to save you from certain doom and destruction

Thoughts - Reply

1/14/11 7:24 PM
glory be to god for you sister and thank you I received the same conclusion :-) Itís been 2 yrs now since I had this vision and I have recently felt in me to bring closure with its interpretation. I was young in the Lord when this vision came to me I had been doing lots of works for certain leaders and for my troubles I would get punished severely. I didnít understand at that particular time I had to focus on Jesus I was told I was a servant and when asked by man (leaders)I served to the best of my ability. I felt like I was being tossed back and forth between these pastors and it hurt. I thought and believed it would be better to go back to being a sinful person, I was tempted but Gods word attracted me I never felt a loan when reading his love for me. Correction, discipline, and guidance this came by revelation within the book of life and I praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and the teachings received. These leaders have since been removed from my life and I believe tis was a trial I had to confront and receive for a testimony for other young babies just starting out in the Lord. I love to glorify God how? By showing others his compassion and sincere Love are there to increase our faith and trust in HIM not MAN. It is wonderful that he loved me so much and though I suffered it no way compares to what he done for me and my SINS!! There are brethren I have had the honor of counseling who have been treated the same way I did, they lost faith, were about to turn back, but (Glory Be To God) I was there to offer comfort and happily share my testimony . I thank God and I'm honored to share that which Jesus gave me freely his LOVE. God Bless You and keep you safely within his mighty hands unto Jesus be all the Praise, Honor and Glory

happy dance Glory Be To Go happy dance
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Vision - Seeking Closure :-) Empty Re: Vision - Seeking Closure :-)

Post by Dove-Solutions on Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:27 am

Amen, what a powerful testimony!

~Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Himand He will direct your path.~ Proverbs 3:5-6

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