I lost track of time

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I lost track of time

Post by herring2011 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:39 am

I was waiting with my sister to get my child out of school. My sister was waiting to get her child from school. We were sitting in the front office. I saw that it was 2:00. For some reason I was going to go rent a white van. While going to the place to pick up the white van, I notice that it was 3:12 on the clock. I forgot to go pick up my child. My sister had already got her child. I was a little frustrated that she did not get my child. I then ask her to go get my child so that I could go get the white van. I was going to go get the white van but I forgot my wallet and information to go get the white van. I follow my sister up a hill to get my wallet. While going up the hill, there were bags on doors. I stop to look in each bag while going up the hill. Then I was going down the hill then some how I was in a room with people telling me to go to the principal to tell her to let the kids out at 2:00 since it was the last week of school and the kids was not doing anything anyway. They appoint me to go to the principal because they thought that I could get her to do it. Then I woke up.

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