Marriage Foretold?

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Marriage Foretold?

Post by beautifullittlelady on Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:01 am

I walked through a door way into a grand house of dark woodwork, tall ceilings, stained glass windows, and beautiful decor. It reminded me of a museum. Anyway, I walked into an area that was occupied by people having a luncheon. I felt as if I had just been "wandering" like I was in a museum...searching the walls and ceilings, admiring all the antiques and architecture. I heard the hostess speaking and heard my mother speaking as well. Although; I did not see my mother, I knew she was present and continued to "wander". I was admiring the sun coming through the stained glass windows as I came to a staircase with red carpet.

I started to go down the stairs when I saw an "older" woman come rushing up to the bottom of the stairs out of nowhere. She was pale faced with vibrant lips, white hair and a light blue pant suit. She seemed out of breath as she waited for me at the bottom of the stairs.
She said: "Hi, J! I'm so glad I caught up with you. I've been trying to reach you!"
Me: Oh?
Her: Yes! Guess what? (Grinning)
Me: What?
Her: You're getting married!
Me: Oh?! (confused, surprised, and excited)
Her: Yes! (grinning widely)
Me: Really?! Married, me?
Yes: On the 12th
Me: the 12th?
Her: Yes, yesterday...
Me: Yesterday?
At this point, I was so confused. The date was the 27th and so, I immediately started processing what she is saying. At that time, a group of vibrant people started to materialize around me and this woman then I became warm and comfy. They were talking amongst themselves and not paying any attention to me.

I was sitting on the stairs when the pale lady started talking. I was tuning her out because I was perplexed by what she had just said. I heard her mention something about him being a speaker and being "good".
Then I ask her 2 questions:
1) Does he have an accent? She told me "yes, and it's thick".
2) How good is he? She told me that he is "so very good".

I was starting to lose my concentration and the group around us was getting louder and louder in their chatter and I woke up.

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