Driving off a railed bridge

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Driving off a railed bridge Empty Driving off a railed bridge

Post by nicoleswann on Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:48 am

I need help. I had a dream last night. I think I was suppose to take something to my boyfriend but I can remember. I was driving and my mother was in the passenger seat. My mother tried to make a call at some point however her phone didn't have service, at that point I remember telling my mother, "if she wasn't in here I would have gone through that part of town to get to our destination". We soon came to a part in the road where we had to which seems like a narrow bridge that we had to make a sharp left on. Instead of making the left, we drove off the bridge. We hung there (in my dream felt like minutes), I my mother and I both tried to get service on our phone but no prevail. Some how I wrapped my arms around a thick piece of metal but soon the car, the metal thing went into the river. My mom is scared of water, but all i can think going down please let her come back up and we can float on this metal thing. We hit the water I came back up quickly and then soon my mother came back up. I wrapped her around the metal thing and I somehow got both of us to land (it wasn't that far from us. We got on land, started yelling, and all of a sudden a lady came, called the rescue squad, and within seconds we had a lot of people surrounding us. I remember hearing my mom tell someone, "Thank you, we were out here for 4 hours before someone came by to get us". I stood there crying, thinking I will never drive again.

Can you please help me interpret my dream?

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Driving off a railed bridge Empty Re: Driving off a railed bridge

Post by Deborah on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:25 pm

Your dream reminded me of times in my own ministry when my prayers seemed to go no higher than the ceiling--I'd cry and cry out to God (in your dream this was when the cell phone calls weren't going through) and it seemed like He wouldn't answer. When crisis came, He would always be there to help me though.

For you, the help is coming just when you need it although to others it looks like it is a long time coming. This dream could be a warning of such a time that is coming or maybe something you're facing now. In my experience, when crisis comes that rocks your world ("I stood there crying, thinking I would never drive again.") , if you stay close to the Lord, your ministry becomes stronger, not weaker.
These are just my thoughts....
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