A White Cup.... A Broken Doll..... A Painting

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A White Cup.... A Broken Doll..... A Painting

Post by Rai on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:13 am

These were as three short dreams in one happening quickly from one to the next.

At one time I was in a lg room, like a dance hall, with a high ceiling. I was telling my mother about a shop I had just purchased saying "look which one I have now" and I turned a tall white paper cup upside-down before setting it on a counter saying I had purchased a coffee shop. I noticed the very top rim had been carefully torn off evenly all the way around so it still set straight up.

Then I saw a beautiful handmade art doll. She looked lifelike, an adult in miniature, standing next to a tree. It had been broken and was in the process of being put back together. I was examining the joints satisfied it was being restored perfectly again so the joints where it was glued together wouldn't be detected.

The third: I was looking over a canvas painting I had painted myself. An abstract with different basic shapes such circles, squ, etc. covering a white background. I had just finished it and was standing back to examine the work, wondering if I had remembered to round off the hard edges (soften the lines as one does while painting.) On a closer look I was satisfied none of the edges were hard and I was satisfied with the result. (In real life I've never painted an abtract or one similar to this.)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, TY

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