Mountain, water

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Mountain, water

Post by Burger on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:51 pm

In my dream, I was passing by swiftly.. If I was running or cycling, I wasn't sure but To my far right I saw a beautiful mountain. It's top was covered in green.
The next scene was I was heading straight, if I was running or cycling, still I wasn't sure but it felt very light, like floating not really flying, but it's the same feeling I had in the earlier scene. Then later I reached to the end where I "jumped" to reach the top of what seemed like a cliff and there were few people standing up there. Whether I jumped out of a bicycle i was riding, I'm not sure.
The next scene, I was in a group of tourists. The tour guide showed us a stagnant not so clean water that seemed like a big canal or reservoir saying "this is the china dynasty".

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