visions of old dreams

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visions of old dreams

Post by Burger on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:19 pm

Last week while I was praying, I saw a VISION of what I feel were old "dreams". I say old dreams cos they looked familiar, like I've had seen them before in my previous dreams which I've forgotten already.
I saw water, people in it.. Not really swimming but they're just enjoying it. The water was an extension of that coming from a waterfall which I didn't see. I could see the stone walls surrounding. I was standing on a wooden light brown bridge. Then it brought me to another scene, where I was standing on a diff bridge, looking out to the other side of the place, but I couldn't go there cos "it was past the opening hours". It was like a tourist area, and because there was a high tide already. I saw water moving from the sea that prevented us to walk on that area.
Then I saw another scene, this time like calm blue ocean. There were 2 islands separated & I was in one of the isolated island wondering if I could cross to the other.
Then I saw myself back in an old building, it seemed to be my old high school where it gave me a heavy feeling. I was in the lift with some people. It wouldn't bring me to the floor I wanted to go so i had to come out to that floor where there were many vacant rooms, 2 clinics, few patients waiting and toilets in each corner.

Does it mean anything?

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