Mountain Lions:

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Mountain Lions:

Post by knight63 on Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:34 pm

I had a dream that it is was night time and i was with a friend, he was driving his Scion box car and we were headed for home or somewhere. As it was late, i had no idea where we were at but in my spirit i felt there was mountain lions around but i could not see them. As we furthered down this strip of road surrounded by forests on both sides, i began to evidently see mountain lions everywhere. They were in trees and along side the road in groups of three or four but there was usually three or four groups close together.

I do not remember, but i think my friend was panicked and i may have felt vulnerable because they seemed to want our vehicle and us for dinner because the way they looked at me in the eyes or at us! So as we either turned off or kept driving to get out of the area, there were at least three groups of three-four mountain lions (to be honest, they looked like lions, that large) and they were laying in the middle of the road. We could not pass them or drive around them but they looked angry. As we were trying to get around them, i looked to the right and there was a one story bungalow house with the garage door open and the light on. So we drove right in and shut the garage door.

Now some time passed by and all i can remember was, we were both sleeping in a large bed right in the garage and it felt as though this king sized bed was laid in front of the door where his car should have been. I get up and they lights were still on in the garage but i can see into another room of the house that someone lived here (i remember furniture like a couch and recliner and lamps in the other room). As i realized that we were in someone else's house, i woke up my friend and said we have to leave, this is someone's house! So i remember putting my shoes on, however, my left shoe was already on, and my right shoe was off. I was wearing black shoes and long black socks. So as we were getting ready, my friend was not eager to lift the door to the garage because of the lions. But for some reason, this is what i did, i started yelling, speaking, "In the name of Jesus, i bind you spirit of witchcraft, you demonic spirits, and i plead the blood, going down the line of prayers." I said some more but i cannot remember and it was around those lines and i woke up.

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Re: Mountain Lions:

Post by daphanie02 on Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:39 pm

Those lions did represent the spirit of did the right thing by rebuking it. Remember the bible says the devil roames around like a lion waiting to devour. What i noticed about your dream that you may not have picked up on is rather interesting because I just learned it myself. Shoes sometimes represent relationships. In my dream i posted last week about my dad, it represented his marriage with my stepmom. Here was Mia's response:

"When my cousin dreams of shoes they mean her relationships. She always dreams that one of her shoes is missing right before a break up with a boyfriend. As in she hasn't found her match yet. She finally has found her other shoe in her dream and I am praying that God is sending her perfect match on the way."

SO I'm wondering if your missing shoe is symbolic for you waiting for your other shoe to realize it needs to be on your foot if you know what i mean.... lol But it could be literal too, you could lose a shoe. But i thought id give you my thoughts. also, if youre ever having doubts about what God told you, then just ask Him for more confirmations. He is faithful happy dance
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