My Sister Wants to Share House With Family and I Refuse Her

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My Sister Wants to Share House With Family and I Refuse Her

Post by rosebush on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:33 pm

I think this dream is prophetic and not literally about my sister.

The dream has my family in a house on 50th street near a lake called Harriet. This is an upscale neighborhood. We are all there, except my father. For some reason I don't want my older sister to live with us. My brother is okay with her living with us (in real life, my brother wouldn't do this). She is very angry with me and finally comes toward me, grabs my youngest son Ben by the neck and yanks his neck to the right, pulling him out of the way so she can get close to me. She comes near my ear as if to tell me something, like a secret.

Strangely, my real life sister is estranged from us and doesn't want any part of our family. She has been holding a secret of inferred sexual abuse, but she told me she would never tell anyone. I have never pressured her in any way to tell, but have wondered.

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