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I am waking up, I am lying on a cot, Apostle is sleeping next to me on couch. I sense him stirring and I am embarrassed as my legs are over his body, kinda sideways.
I am with Virginia and a group of people mainly men. Setting up a ministry. They are on the phone trying to get people involved, one personís reasoning is economy is bad, donít wanna pay for gas. Itís some type of outreach to women, homeless and/or prostitutes or something along those linesÖ.young women. I see myself walking away, to go to the bathroom, I have one very short shorts, nice figure, younger me. I go into the bathroom and try to close an adjoining door and realize itís Virginia and her hubby bedroom. He is asleep in bed. I back out and try to quietly leave the bathroom and look for another. Next I recall a telescope on a table. Then Virginia is asking me if I had seen the other telescope, the real one they were given as the one on the table is a toy model, I sense in the back of her mind she thinks maybe I have it or took it.

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