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Dream Scene 1 - Son and I are swimming in pond or lake, dark water I see there are alligators and scared I tell him to get out. Trying to pull myself out of water. I see one move.
Scene 2 - I am at work, office, I don’t have much to do, I am goofing off and it seems I have no responsibilities. I leave and my family is with me, I am driving, the car is going backward and the breaks on the car won’t work, I see police car, lights on. I am able to turn the car and I stop. He gets out, he’s not mad. He wants to take us somewhere with him, a fun thing. We go by his apt, he just wants to spend time with our family. He is particularly interested in my husband and son “the boys”. I am wondering if he is queer. He looks odd, stringy hair and strange demeanor. I want to get away from him.
Scene 3 - I am going to church, haven’t been there in a while. Girlfriend is in lobby and we chat, we continue into the sanctuary…I see gail on my right…we sit next to her, light chatter. I realize we are too far back and want to move up. I get out in isle to move up and the seats are roped off for special guest, just about the whole sanctuary. There are headphones for each seat. I see a student picking up the headphone on one. I go back to the back seats, I then understand there is a new ministry there showing their stuff. I see a box, interior like a little doll house with clay figures. This is what they are introducing. I notice I have on black Chantilly lace stocking and white wedge shoes with Chantilly lace on them.
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