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Post by BoundtoHim on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:21 pm

Dream - (what box like structure is I cannot recall) I am with my husband, we are in a vehicle, maybe a truck. He hoist some type of large box onto the truck/vehicle…I am driving and I have to look thru this box to drive, going over bridge, I am scared and not feeling competant. He believes in me and says I can do it. I tell him he is going to have to drive.(vague recall) I am walking over bridge see two diamonds and a diamond pearl shaped necklace I pick up the necklace and a lady yells it’s hers..there are others, men, walking along side me over this bridge. Next I am on the edge of the highway, nighttime, looking back to the left is the bridge. I am on the very edge hanging on for dear life, trying to dig my hands into the grass and dirt to pull myself up so when my husband passes on the bridge he will see me to get me.

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