Dreaming about Jesus coming

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Dreaming about Jesus coming

Post by hunni on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:44 pm

Lately i have been in prayer about what my spiritual gift may be and about the future. I really feel like when I dream and remember it very vividly that it could pose meaning. When I was 12 I dreamed of my mother floating above my bed telling me it was time for her to go and within a few weeks or months I lost my mom. Last night I had a dream that just felt so much like the dream i had 11 years ago about my mom so vivid and real. This dream was different however. It started out with me being little with my mom and her taking me to a very colorful place like another world. I came back into the now and was trying to tell my husband something. As we were standing outside by our car two dark clouds above started rolling and suddenly dropped some hail, my husband ducked down and sheltered our babies. Then its like I fell back into a dream within a dream. I lied down in the street trying to force my self to keep one eye open to see the sky. Harmonious voices started singing and the 2 clouds in the sky started parting and taking shapes. I then screamed at my husband Jesus is coming. I very rarely remember my dreams and this dream came after alot of prayer and of me drawing closer to God lately. Any one have any interpretation on this dream or any feelings about it please share.
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