blood red moon!

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blood red moon!

Post by unfailing_love on Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:31 am

i'm quite confused as to what this means so any ideas would be helpful :)
2 nights ago i dreamt that the moon was red and on fire. i was with my spiritual leader and i asked her if this was the end of the world and she said most probably. i was sad because i hadnt met the love of my life yet which God had promised me. (i dont think this means the end of the world is coming btw). then i was in a stadium with a girl called Alanna ( the name means rock or awakening) and we were talking in the backseat of her car whilst her mum drove us.
Last night i dreamt i was doing an algebra test i was finding difficult and after i saw a woman sitting in the class called Deborah.
Anyway, today i was watching the news and it was saying that later on there will be an eclipse known as the "blood red moon". Perhaps these dreams and this have nothing to do with each other but i found it quite strange all these coincidences. God bless xxx

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