In a soothsayer house...intense fight ....scripture came out

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In a soothsayer house...intense fight ....scripture came out

Post by Ketimela on Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:31 am

Holy Greetings

I saw myself entering a soothsayer house, who in turn welcomed me and practiced divination. I was grieved in my spirit by the soothsayer actions. I then left the house and found myself in a moving bus. It was fully packed but there was a giant, a strong man who was harassing everyone without a challenge. My spirit was grieved and i then challenged him to stop his wild behaviour. We exchanged words at the shock of the passengers and conductor, for they feared that the giant will trash me to death. We then fought fiercely and surprisingly I overcame him and threw him out of the moving bus. I felt moved to board another bus, which was following close by. Upon paying the bus fare, the conductor of the second bus issued a ticket which appeared fake though it permitted me to board the bus. I was grieved again to see the funds being channed to conductor personal use, instead of the business. I paid the fare because I was desperate to get to the next point, final destination. Just about to get into the stationary second bus, my uncle (a non believer in Christ) appeared at the scene and threatened that I am supposed to rot in the prison because I committed a great crime by throwing the giant out of the moving bus, he ranked the crime to be equivalent to murder. I was afraid but peace came into my mind after a revelation/ hint rose to wisely counter the court judgement. In that process, I responded strongly saying rejoice not my enemy when I fall, for I will arise...when I am in darkness, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will be my light....I then woke up and searched the scriptures, only to note that it was Micah 7vs 8.

Help me with the intepretation and inspired thoughts concerning this dream.

God bless

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