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Interesting Dream

Post by unaday* on Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:47 am

>I had a dream lastnight that I was with my brother in my parents house. I went into one of the rooms and there were two of those wig heads you know the ones women put there wigs on @ night. When I looked at one of them I noticed it had real eyes and it was blinking. Then I remembered the power I had so I said " in the name of jesus fall to the ground" (it was sitting at a desk) for about a minute it did not fall then after the minute it rolled off the desk and I knew it was the power of God invested in me! So realizing the power I had in me I just started to pray! I started to rage fire against my allergies and skin allergies. I felt heat on my legs as I prayed! When I was done I ran to find my brother to explain to him what happened with the wig head. I found him in his room and told him and he came with me to look. When we got back in the room the wig heads were gone! Freaked me out! There was a duvet on the ground ruffled up. My feet were beside it. Then all of a sudden one of the wigheads came from under the duvet and bit me in my shin or ankle area! I screamed out and looked down at the painful bite mark. Then we looked and the wig heads both were gone again. We started to search down the house for them. As we searched, I remembered the bite on my shin! I laid my hand on the cut and prayed against it. After that, I remembered the power I had again! And I said to my brother there is a way to expose them! So I called out " in the name Jesus by fire - you heads float up in the air from wherever you are hiding!" Once again it was a delayed minute then one floated up in the spare bedroom. My brother was like wow. So I screamed out- DIE IN JESUS' NAME! When I did that it hit the wall with a painful look on its face but did not drop. I said it again and again and again it was in sooo much agony as I screamed it out and it was dying. Then all of a sudden my mouth felt paralysed and I started to fight something else in the atmosphere that was not allowing me to speak. So in slow motion I fought to say Die in Jesus name.

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