Snakes and worms in a dream

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Snakes and worms in a dream

Post by vikirame on Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:34 am

I dreamed that I am in my moms' home in one of the rooms and saw there a black door of a closet (there is no such closet in reality). I felt curious and opened this door and saw there a newborn baby lying there and he was sick, all in purulent blains. I closed the door. My mom said she took this baby, but thinks she will give away him. Then I went to a living room. There was my brother and my mom. Some stranger all in tattoos was standing near my brother and watching him and sometimes watching me, but he did not say anything or do anything. Suddenly I saw that lots, thousands of snakes and worms appeared on the floor and on the walls - snakes were brown. My brother seed did not noticed them. One of the snakes bite my mothers' hand and remained hanging there. My mother seemed also did not notice that. I felt a very big fear seeing those snakes and jumped on a window sealing and they could not reach me. But there I noticed that I am totally naked, but I did not pay much attention to that, because of the fear. And here some young man came in the living room and he noticed the snakes and worms and he took one worm and laughing started playing with it. Suddenly this worm adheres to this mans' forehead and started sucking his blood. The guy stood moveless like paralysed. The dream is over. When I woke up I did not have fear any more, but a very big feeling of disgust.

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