Empty Building, Pregnant Waiting to Deliver

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Empty Building, Pregnant Waiting to Deliver

Post by Empowered on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:23 pm

I dreamed last night that I was pregant ready to deliver. I gathered my things including my ipad and went to the hospital. I was waiting in the waitingroom to be called into the delivery room. There were a lot of people in the waiting room. It also had lots of windows. When I looked toward the windows I could see the ocean. The coloring in the room seemed gray, but the people had colored clothing. One of the people that I saw in the waiting room was Banning Leibshire (a very well known and powerfully anointed youth revivalist today). He did not say anything to me. I saw my sister and her husband there also. I was surprised to see them becasue I had not told anyone that I was pregnant and ready to deliver. i was uncomfortable and having mild contractions so I sat down on the gray cement seats. A woman next to me had dark hair wore black clothing and had red lipstick. She was very upset that I had sat down in the seats. She was also big pregant and I gathered that she was waiting to deliver as well. She got up and stood in front of me and I realized that she was manifesting an evil spirit. She was yelling at me almost as if she wanted to put her head up against mine. She was so angry! I rebuked her and she stopped for a second and then started again. I then told her to stand down in Jesus name. She got a little quieter. I then said I rebuke you satan, Jesus did not allow you to speak in His presence and you may not speak to me either. You shut your mouth. She then left the place.
The dream then changed scenes...
I was still at the ocean, however I dont remember being pregnant in this scene. I went to a large building made out of cement. gray in color. Had several floors and was very, very big. It was almost as if I was a leader in this building. People were in many different rooms. Some were taking classes. Some were watching TV, some were being taught different things. It was as if the people of all different ages lived there. (I didnt see little children) I was walking around supervising these different things that were going on. This building was so high I remember that this building did not have a ceiling. I could see the blue sky and the beautiful sun shining bright. All of a sudden the ocean raised up and went over the top of the building. The water flooded the building and the people inside had to swim out. Myself and others were swimming out and my sister was instructing us to swim down low under the chain link fence. We would end up on the shore next. When we swam out we were on the shore of the beach. The building was raised up above the shore. We actually had to swim down under the building to get to the beach. The water then flowed onto the beach and we were running on the shore. The water was flowing behind us. My sister was with me on the beach.
Next Scene...
We went back into the building with some men who were showing it and trying to sell it. We were walking all around and I was walking beside the blond haired woman who was interested in buying the building. The men did not tell this woman that the water had went over the ceiling into the building. The building was made of cement and the water only washed through it. It did not ruin it. I knew that if the lady purchased the building and she was not prepared for the water if it came again they could drowned. I leaned over quietly and whispered in her ear that a wave had came and swept through the building. I believe that I called it a tsumani. The woman started crying and she no longer was interested in the building. I then looked out the window and saw all the teenagers and adults coming back toward the building. They were walking on the water. I was amazed that water was all around the outside of the building and the people were not afraid. They came back walking on the water. I could see the suns reflection on the water that they were walking on. I was amazed and happy that they were coming back.

Thank you for praying about this. I would like a biblical interpretation. Thank you!

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