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Post by Ketimela on Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:32 am

Greetings all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Before I went to bed, I prayed in line with the Lord revealing to me what exactly I should do in his Kingdom, so that he empowers me to function in his will and duty. Then I had the following dreams, which I am not quite sure whether its the prayer answered or not.

I saw myself advising ex wife that justice prevailed during divorce proceedings because I got everything given that I was the one who bought everything during marriage. She then negotiated for a metal kitchen unit, of which I gave her completely. She then further negotiated for 20 litre container full of curdled milk. At first I agreed, and later changed my mind for I wished if we could share equally, that is, 50% each. I then approached my neighbours (Mr Knowledge and Mr Thanksgiving), to witness the sharing of the curdled milk. I was kind like shy because I did not want my neighbours to be part of it. I told the ex wife that it was not fair to give her the whole bucket of curdled milk because its my mother who brought it for me.The ex wife complained bitterly because she wanted 100%, not 50%. I was concerned whether it was proper or not to share the same house with the ex wife for that day. But as I shared the curdled milk, my ex wife face changed into my sister face, Dorcas. In the process I then woke up.

I slept again and then saw a vision of a big stadium, like football stadium, decorated in yellow apparel with the stadium full of noble people witnessing celebrations. Everyone was jovial, with registrations going on. I remember giving a certain boy a USD10 note, who cycled a bicycle toy on the ground in celebrations. The stadium was alive and fully packed, with different artists performing in splendor though it was located in a developing economy. I then woke up.

Thanks in advance for your inspired insight

God bless

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